19 February 2019 Meeting

The special meeting previously announced for Sunday, 17 February 2019 has changed to:–

Date: Tuesday, 19 February 2019
Time: 7:00–8:30pm
Place: Boardroom, Level 1, St Kilda RSL, Acland St
Why: To decide Artefact’s role in the upcoming Hearing
Who: Artefact Members and guests.
Guests: Heritage submitters, email subscribers and courtesy invitees
Vote: Artefact Members

Guests are invited to attend and partake in the discussion. Please note, however, that members, only, can vote. If you support Artefact, please become a member.

Artefact Church Square claims that Heritage Victoria’s permit refusal on 01 October 2018 was as a result of Artefact’s submission to Heritage Victoria to the extent that, without it, the permit could not have been refused. In other words, Artefact saved Church Square as a whole, as an ‘artefact’. In light of which, support for Artefact’s alternative proposal — an Arts Library, etc — grew, since the choice was simple: carpark or open space with Arts Library.

Artefact’s analysis in view of the upcoming 16-17 May Hearing makes, again, this claim. An excellent Heritage Officer’s Report that informed the 01 October permit refusal has, however, recently been released that does not — in any shape or form — support Artefact’s claim. It appears the Executive Director would have reached the same conclusion on 01 October without Artefact’s submission. 

Artefact’s claim is, therefore, unsubstantiated, which makes Artefact unable, as a result, to build the community support needed for the upcoming Hearing. 

After an informed discussion, members will vote on whether Artefact’s claim is justified and deserved of community support in the upcoming Hearing where, if not, Artefact will dissolve. Members with expert experience in heritage conservation will be a part of the discussion, as will certain invited guests.