Church Square History

Artefact has completed research for the upcoming Hearing. The research delves deep into the history of Church Square and its many connections to historical events at the beginning of Victoria. If it were not for a particular art movement of the time, the picturesque, then Charles Swyer—architect of Church Square—would not have had a vehicle […]

Peter Johnson discusses Church Square

As part of her research into Church Square, Hastings, chair of Artefact Church Square, invited architect Peter Johnson to discuss its history on 15 December 2018. This excerpt from the video focusses on Peter’s discussion of Thomas Nutt’s subdivision of the Square in 1842. In preparation, Peter kindly supplied an image of the Square’s subdivision […]

St Kilda recollected: Julie Watkins

‘Ultra Vogue with controlled passion’, c. 2000, by Julie Watkins, concerns the change happening then in St Kilda. As Julie explains, ‘But St Kilda is a changing demographic. The people moving in were more insular and rather wary of whom they spoke to. As a literal explanation, the strange construction was in Chapel St just off […]

The Immaculate Resemblance

If you hit upon the lucky trifecta of 1) a discussion of Christ Church, Acland St, 2) while at Vale St studios, and 3) the artist Lewis Miller is present, then you will be rewarded with this sweet resemblance between van Gogh’s oil painting ‘The Church at Auvers’ of 1890, and the view of Christ […]

Letter of support by artists

Lewis Miller Lewis Miller is an artist of little need for introduction. A St Kilda resident since 1979, Lewis’ still lifes and portraits grace the walls—if one is lucky—of many a home and state art gallery throughout Australia, as well as at the National Gallery and War Memorial in Canberra. His name, writ large in […]