Council Elections 2020: Note 2

Vote positive by voting for the preservation of Church Square’s rarity Published in 1855 by the Surveyor General, this is a tiny portion of James Kearney’s map of Melbourne that shows one of two Crown Land grants for train terminuses. The other, which happened to open first late in 1854, is Flinders Street Station. This […]

Judith Buckrich

We are delighted to announce Dr Judith Buckrich, celebrated author of ‘Acland Street: the Grand Lady of St Kilda’, 2017, will join us at the upcoming AGM for a brief discussion on her work in relation to a number of points raised in ‘A Historical Study of Church Square: New Research’, 2019. Date: Sunday 18 […]

Council Elections 2020: Note 1

DATESBallot packs posted: 6 October 2020Act if you haven’t received one by: 16 October 2020Returned in post by: 23 October 2020Voting is compulsory. A shout out to Geoffry Conaghan for his mention of Church Square in response to a question by Cr David Brand concerning conservation of our heritage, during a Progressive Port Phillip’s recent […]

Heritage Council’s Decision 05 August 2019

On 16, 17 and 28 May 2019, the Heritage Council of Victoria conducted a Hearing to review Heritage Victoria’s 01 October, 2018, determination not to permit the childcare-carpark redevelopment of Church Square. That review is now complete and the Heritage Council Committee that conducted the review, has released its decision made on 5 August 2019. […]

Laid on table

Today, in the Legislative Council, Parliament of Victoria, Ms Nina Taylor, our representative for the Southern Metropolitan electorate, laid Artefact Church Square’s petition on the table. Our petition is, now, officially ‘tabled’ with 53 signatures. The biggest thanks (with a thousand ricochets) to all who contributed by signing. The biggest thanks, too, to Nina Taylor. […]


We thank Ms Nina Taylor, Labor’s representative in the Legislative Council for the Southern Metropolitan electorate, for sponsoring our petition. Signatures close by the end of today, Monday 27 May 2019.


Signatures on Artefact’s petition hosted by the Victorian Parliament’s ePetition website, have been irreplaceably lost. Two supporters noticed their signature was not counted when submitted, and let Artefact know. One sent accompanying documentation, which proved helpful. Apparently, a technical fault was recording signatures, but not counting them. Uncounted, they were then discarded. A number of […]

Church Square History

Artefact has completed research for the upcoming Hearing. The research delves deep into the history of Church Square and its many connections to historical events at the beginning of Victoria. If it were not for a particular art movement of the time, the picturesque, then Charles Swyer—architect of Church Square—would not have had a vehicle […]


If, by the Heritage Council Hearing’s end on 17 May, the state government has not made a financial commitment to fund Artefact’s alternative redevelopment, directly, then Artefact Church Square will cease to exist and its alternative redevelopment will cease, along with it. Artefact Church Square does not condone the exploitation of artists, nor does it […]

Peter Johnson discusses Church Square

As part of her research into Church Square, Hastings, chair of Artefact Church Square, invited architect Peter Johnson to discuss its history on 15 December 2018. This excerpt from the video focusses on Peter’s discussion of Thomas Nutt’s subdivision of the Square in 1842. In preparation, Peter kindly supplied an image of the Square’s subdivision […]

Community Alliance of Port Phillip

Artefact Church Square is most thankful to the CAPP Committee for supporting and assisting us with our petition. We are also thankful to all CAPP members who signed Artefact’s petition; with especial thanks to Rhonda Small, who is also an Artefact Church Square member.

Art Association of Australia & New Zealand

Our thanks go to the Art Association of Australia & New Zealand for its support. The Art Association of Australia & New Zealand (AAANZ) is the peak professional body for the region’s art writers, curators, and artists. Since 1974 it has fostered the dissemination of knowledge and debate about art, curatorship, and artistic practice throughout […]

Petition Notice

PETITIONTo uphold Heritage Victoria’s 01 October 2018 refusal to give a heritage permit to a childcare-carpark development at 14 Acland St, St Kilda, your support for Artefact Church Square’s alternative redevelopment is crucial. Please sign Artefact’s petition to help secure the necessary funding to save the green space behind Christ Church and, by doing so, to […]

19 February 2019 Meeting

The special meeting previously announced for Sunday, 17 February 2019 has changed to:– Date: Tuesday, 19 February 2019Time: 7:00–8:30pmPlace: Boardroom, Level 1, St Kilda RSL, Acland StWhy: To decide Artefact’s role in the upcoming HearingWho: Artefact Members and guests. Guests: Heritage submitters, email subscribers and courtesy inviteesVote: Artefact Members Attendance:Guests are invited to attend and partake […]

Peter Johnson discusses 16 Acland St

On this first day of 2019, we thank all who either joined our email list or—for those who went one step further—have become members of Artefact Church Square (Artefact CS) in support of the alternative redevelopment of an Arts Library. In particular, we thank you for the wonderful messages of encouragement you have included in […]

Artists’ Letter of Support

On 15 December 2018, signatories filled the first page of the Artists’ Letter of Support for the alternative redevelopment of an Arts Library that would save the green space behind Christ Church and keep Church Square intact and maintained. While artists outside St Kilda have expressed they would like, also, to show their support for […]

The Immaculate Resemblance

If you hit upon the lucky trifecta of 1) a discussion of Christ Church, Acland St, 2) while at Vale St studios, and 3) the artist Lewis Miller is present, then you will be rewarded with this sweet resemblance between van Gogh’s oil painting ‘The Church at Auvers’ of 1890, and the view of Christ […]

Letter of support by artists

Lewis Miller Lewis Miller is an artist of little need for introduction. A St Kilda resident since 1979, Lewis’ still lifes and portraits grace the walls—if one is lucky—of many a home and state art gallery throughout Australia, as well as at the National Gallery and War Memorial in Canberra. His name, writ large in […]

Permit Review Hearing set

A Permit Review has been requested in relation to the refused permit P28298, the previous permit applicant to Heritage Victoria for redevelopment at the back of Christ Church. The last day for review applications, was 30 November 2018. The Heritage Council Committee to review the refusal has formed, with a Hearing set for 02 April 2019 […]

Green Knoll Neighbours

Thank you Green Knoll Neighbours Group, for having included us in your latest newsletter. Our membership has grown. For those unaware of the local group centred, it seems, around Christ Church on Acland St, simply join its email list at No picnic, though, for some this coming Saturday. Gail will be working in Christ Church’s garden […]

Letter of support by artists

While currently coordinating a letter of support by artists for the alternative proposal, this letter dated 26 November 1978 comes to mind. It was signed by artists and art historians, seven in total: Robert Jacks, Lesley Dumbrell, Janine Burke, John Davis, John Nixon, Peter Kennedy and Jenny Watson. All signatories were at flat 2, 7 […]


As of today, we are now Artefact Church Square Inc — a not-for-profit incorporated association. As well, support for the alternative proposal by artists is growing, daily; both inside and outside St Kilda.

Professor Miles Lewis’ Architecture Library

Thanks to an astute tip-off, it was an honour to meet Professor Miles Lewis in his backyard library built to house the rare architecture books he has collected. It is stunning to think Professor Lewis’ thoughts have most likely scanned every line on every page of every book now kept safe and stored on these […]

Heritage Victoria Ruling

On 01 October 2018, the Executive Director of Heritage Victoria gave a notice of refusal to grant a permit for: Redevelopment of the former Bishops Residence (part of the Christ Church complex) into a child care centre including internal reconfiguration and refurbishment of the house, demolition of two non-contributory structures (a 1980s garage and outbuilding), […]