Council Elections 2020: Note 1

Ballot packs posted: 6 October 2020
Act if you haven’t received one by: 16 October 2020
Returned in post by: 23 October 2020
Voting is compulsory.

A shout out to Geoffry Conaghan for his mention of Church Square in response to a question by Cr David Brand concerning conservation of our heritage, during a Progressive Port Phillip’s recent Lake Ward candidate’s forum held Sunday 27 September 2020. Late in hearing of the forum with hands full completing Artefact Church Square’s first Annual Report that spans the period Geoffrey refers to, our thanks also go to Rhonda Small for posting a link to Progressive Port Phillip’s survey of candidates through the Green Knoll neighbours email group (to join, send an email). To recap, Geoffrey says: ‘ We need to look at spaces, certainly, the protection of Church Square was a major achievement for the local community and …’.

Our local council election will be held by post this year. The Victorian Electoral Commission will post ballot packs from this Tuesday 6 October, so check your mailbox. If you haven’t received one by Friday 16 October, let the Electoral Commission know. Completed ballots have either to be in the mail or hand delivered by Friday 23 October.