Council Elections 2020: Note 2

Vote positive by voting for the preservation of Church Square’s rarity

Published in 1855 by the Surveyor General, this is a tiny portion of James Kearney’s map of Melbourne that shows one of two Crown Land grants for train terminuses. The other, which happened to open first late in 1854, is Flinders Street Station. This portion of Kearney’s map nevertheless shows Spencer Street Station staked out with an office built by January 1854. It is in this office that the architect of Church Square, Acland Street, worked not only on laying down railway tracks before the first train service was launched at Flinders Street Station late in 1854, but worked, also, on Church Square. As Head Engineer, this was Charles Swyer’s office.* 

This is but a tiny portion of Victoria’s history embedded in the garden setting of Church Square on Acland Street, St Kilda.

Help Artefact Church Square bring this history to light at Church Square, to participate in a future in knowledge of our past.  

Today is the last day to vote in local government elections for Lake Ward.

Artefact Church Square asked all eight candidates to familiarise themselves with this history to determine whether they are fit for office as a councillor in likelihood of Church Square’s redevelopment this term.

Two candidates showed themselves prepared:
Katherine Copsey and Robbie Nyaguy.
Read their comments on Church Square by clicking onto their names.

Vote positive this election, not negative, by voting for the preservation of Church Square’s rarity and the potential for this rarity to draw statewide interest—if not national and international interest as well. 

For Lake Ward’s three councillors
please vote for
Robbie Nyaguy
Katherine Copsey
Geoffrey Conaghan

* See G Hastings, ‘An Historical Study of Church Square: New Research’, p. 14, in Artefact Church Square Annual Report 2019, Melbourne, 2020, p. 9.