Heritage Victoria Ruling

On 01 October 2018, the Executive Director of Heritage Victoria gave a notice of refusal to grant a permit for:

Redevelopment of the former Bishops Residence (part of the Christ Church complex) into a child care centre including internal reconfiguration and refurbishment of the house, demolition of two non-contributory structures (a 1980s garage and outbuilding), construction of new buildings to house separate childcare rooms, new carpark, fencing and associated landscaping.

Reasons for refusal are:

  1. It has been determined that approval of the application would be of unacceptable detriment to the cultural heritage significance of the Christ Church Complex. Specifically, the proposed internal changes to the former Bishop’s Residence, removal of cypress pines and open space at the rear of the Church, construction of a carpark, fencing and the introduction of new pavilions within close proximity to the Church, Complex.
  2. It has been determined that a less intrusive proposal could provide an appropriate use for the former Bishop’s Residence, and a revenue for conservation works to the Church without the unacceptable detriment outlined in (1) above.