Judith Buckrich

We are delighted to announce Dr Judith Buckrich, celebrated author of ‘Acland Street: the Grand Lady of St Kilda’, 2017, will join us at the upcoming AGM for a brief discussion on her work in relation to a number of points raised in ‘A Historical Study of Church Square: New Research’, 2019.

Date: Sunday 18 October
Time: 2-3:00pm
Place: Zoom – Members to register and receive your entry link into the meeting

photo: The first allotment surveyed by Thomas H Nutt in January 1842 is Church Square. You can see the allotment divided into three for a church, school and parsonage. Reserved for the Church of England as written at the very top of the block, at this point the subsequent parish that congregates at Church Square does not exist. This was the first allotment on top of the hill, around which the rest of St Kilda was subdivided. Towards the end of 1842, Acland Street was named and the original survey plan updated with each new administrative event. The image is a detail of the original 1842 survey plan, PROV, Historic Plan Collection. This survey plan is intact and safely stored at the Public Record Office of Victoria. If we can adapt the Former Bishop’s Residence into, in part, a museum, it would be wonderful to loan the original survey map to exhibit.