Permit Review Hearing set

A Permit Review has been requested in relation to the refused permit P28298, the previous permit applicant to Heritage Victoria for redevelopment at the back of Christ Church. The last day for review applications, was 30 November 2018.

The Heritage Council Committee to review the refusal has formed, with a Hearing set for 02 April 2019 [now adjourned to 16-17 May 2019].

The last Permit Review Hearing by the Heritage Council was 18 June 2018. They are not everyday events.

Christ Church is aggressively pursuing plans for a carpark on the grassed area at the back. Yet parishioners have been misguided to believe it is the City of Port Phillip forcing the carpark on them.

The City of Port Phillip’s submission to Heritage Victoria before the 01 October refusal, is effectively supportive, except for the carpark, where it writes:

Car parking area
We understand the need to provide some car parking for the proposed new use, but we are concerned about the potential detrimental impacts of the proposed car park upon the setting of the church and the ensemble of buildings within Church Square more generally.

We appreciate the design of the car park, which aims to retain as many existing trees as possible, and uses permeable and grass pavers in lieu of hard paved surfaces, is intended to reduce potential impacts. Nonetheless, it will result in alienation of a significant portion of the Church Square reserve, which historically has been a semi-public shared space (particularly in recent times since the installation of play equipment).

If in a conversation with a parishioner who regrettably believes the carpark is not their doing, but Council’s, then please refer them to this page. Or seek from City of Port Phillip a copy of its submission to Heritage Victoria, so you might highlight these paragraphs and forward them to the parishioner. To be misguided, is unfair.