Peter Johnson discusses Church Square

Peter Johnson, architect, based in St Kilda, discusses Thomas Nutt’s subdivision of St Kilda in 1842.

As part of her research into Church Square, Hastings, chair of Artefact Church Square, invited architect Peter Johnson to discuss its history on 15 December 2018. This excerpt from the video focusses on Peter’s discussion of Thomas Nutt’s subdivision of the Square in 1842. In preparation, Peter kindly supplied an image of the Square’s subdivision with Robert Hoddle’s note and signature dated 01 December 1849 that can be seen in the video. Artefact filmed Peter outside the entrance to 16 Acland St, which is on St Leonards Avenue facing Church Square and not, as the address suggests, facing Acland St. Since Artefact’s website previously described the surrounding residences as facing inward towards the Square, Hastings was uneasy about one seeming anomaly, 16 Acland St. A fortuitous conversation with Julie Watkins, however—a wonderful artist who lives and works at 16 Acland St with her husband Philip Meyer—solved the mystery. 16 Acland St does, indeed, front the Square along with surrounding residences. The conversation with Julie led to this interview with Peter Johnson.

Thanks go to Peter Johnson, Julie Watkins, Philip Meyer and Maggie Macdonald who Peter addresses in the video.