Petition Notice

To uphold Heritage Victoria’s 01 October 2018 refusal to give a heritage permit to a childcare-carpark development at 14 Acland St, St Kilda, your support for Artefact Church Square’s alternative redevelopment is crucial. Please sign Artefact’s petition to help secure the necessary funding to save the green space behind Christ Church and, by doing so, to save Church Square in its entirety for prosperity as a whole, as an artefact.

By signing, you will be asking the government to act by pledging:

 a financial commitment to the not-for-profit redevelopment project by Artefact Church Square to save the green space behind Christ Church, St Kilda and invest in infrastructure for this space that includes an arts library, art therapy centre and independent office of research for improving income and employment outcomes for artists in compliance with departmental determinations of creative excellence.

Artefact’s redevelopment project will conserve the former Bishop’s Residence at the back of Christ Church as an Arts Museum. By doing so, it will:
– Save the Eildon Road Children’s Centre across the road that is not-for-profit and community run, by preventing a commercial childcare centre and carpark planned for the back of Christ Church, from going ahead;
– Save the green space behind Christ Church as open space that invites neighbours into a sense of belonging;
– Save artists from debilitating financial insecurity that dangles them over the poverty line no matter how hard they work, and dwarfs the state’s true potential for cultural wealth;

Save the heritage significance of Church Square by reactivating Church Square’s civic commitment to the surrounding community in its historic role as central to a socially cohesive community.

The development will include an:
– Art therapy centre for sexually abused children;
– Public arts library that focusses on Australian arts and architecture with an:
– Audio/visual editing suites;
– Instrumental practise studio (for those in flats and with neighbours who prefer they practise elsewhere);
– amongst other things.

Please visit Artefact Church Square’s website to find out more about its redevelopment project.

Since the 01 October 2018, Artefact Church Square has worked hard to become financially viable. 

For this time, a revenue pledge by Artefact Church Square at the upcoming appeal in May, will not be enough to stop the commercial childcare-carpark development. Although, in the first instance, the earlier pledge proves the Executive Director did not act outside statutory obligations in his refusal of the permit; in the second instance, however, at the Hearing, this will be a moot point if it can be proven there was no financial promise at the time in Artefact’s alternative, if Artefact’s alternative cannot become financially viable now.

Your support for the alternative redevelopment is crucial.